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お知らせ 2019.02.10 金沢営業所がオープンしました
お知らせ 2018.07.19 皇太子様に行啓を賜りました。(8/7(火))


Sogen Sake Brewery was founded in the mid-Edo Period,
1768, even before America declared independence in 1776.
Legend says Sogen Chugoro who traced his roots to
Yoshiharu Hatakeyama, the lord of Nanao-jo Castle
in the Sengoku Period, started business and his descendant
was trained in a brewery in Itami (present-day Hyogo
Prefecture) and mastered the secrets of sake brewing.

Since then, we have carried on the tradition and have been
brewing sake to please our customers for over 250 years.
Our motto is, “Our customers keep coming back to us.”



It is said Sogen Sake Brewery is the birthplace of
Noto’s chief sake brewers who are ranked as one of the
four best brewers in Japan. Chief sake brewers are the
superintendents in breweries and are the professionals
entrusted with training many brewers.


Yukio Sakaguchi started his career as a brewer at the age of 15
and has been brewing for 60 years. He was trained
under Noto’s chief sake brewer, Shokichi Hase, and
became the chief brewer for Sogen in 1997.


He succeeded in making high-quality Ginjo-shu with a
fruity, delicate taste. He is proud of his own
contemporary style of sake brewing, garnered through
years of traditional brewing called the “Noto Style.”

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